Bath Soak Set

Bath Soak Set

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The Perfect Gift for Relaxation and Rejuvenation for the Bath Lover!

All Natural, Eco-friendly, Zero Waste CLOUD 9 BATH SOAK Designed to treat the skin & senses to a transformative anti-aging spa experience. Peaceful, soothing, aromatic & therapeutic.

MADAGASCAR BATH SOAK Relax in beautiful turquoise colored water. Detoxify & nourish. PINK BEACH BATH SOAK Rejuvenate your skin with this exotic blend & let your mind drift away to the tropical tranquility of Pink Beach, Bahamas.

BORA BORA BATH SOAK Escape to the beautiful azure waters of the Bora Bora lagoon. Calming, aromatic & therapeutic.

SWEET ESCAPE BATH SOAK Lavish, silky formula, designed to clear your mind and spirit, while soothing, softening, & nourishing your skin. 100% NATURAL PEARL KONJAC BODY

SPONGE Made from the roots of the Konjac plant, Konjac sponges work as a cleansing exfoliator for silky, smooth skin. Gentle & soft enough to use on all skin types. This body sponge is eco-friendly & biodegradable.
Made in United States